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2012 Apr. 12 | CUSSW Criminal Justice Conference Features Angela Y. Davis as Keynote Speaker.  Columbia University School of Social Work News.

2012 Mar. 29 | Angela Davis joins Columbia University against the criminal justice system. Amsterdam News. (Amity Paye)

2012 Mar. 26 | Conference Mentioned in DRCPP Weekly Update. Fortune Society.  (Glenn Martin)

2012 Mar. 25 | Members attend “Removing the Bars: Take Action” with Angela Davis.  Cardozo NLG Blog.

2012 Mar. 23 | Angela Davis at Columbia University for #RTB2012: tweets from Angela Davis’ speech on 3/23/12 at Columbia University as part of the Removing the Bars Conference.  Chirpstory.

2012 Mar. 23 | Kickoff Keynote Event Featuring Angela Y. Davis.  Removing the Bars: TAKE ACTION  (VIDEO)


2011 Oct. 12 | Troy Davis Teach-In.  Amanda Geller, Lawrence Hayes, Thenjiwe McHarris, Russel Neufeld.  (VIDEO)

2011 Fall | Another Exciting First: CUSSW Students Lead the Way.  Spectrum.  (R. A. Davis)

2011 Feb. | Criminal Justice Caucus hosts conference to improve those impacted by the prison system. Amsterdam News. (C.D. Frazier)

2011 Jan. 29 | Plenary Session: Cradle to Prison Pipeline.  Removing the Bars: A Skills-Based Conference on Criminal Justice.  Rev. Emma Jordan-Simpson  (VIDEO)

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