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2015 Beyond the Bars: Transforming (In)Justice- Registration!!!

We are excited to announce that registration is now live for the 5th Annual Beyond the Bars Conference
Beyond the Bars: Transforming (In)Justice 
March 6th – 8th, 2015 at Columbia University

Featuring Michelle Alexander
Friday March 6th at Lerner Hall, Columbia University: 
Opening Event w. Michelle Alexander
Saturday March 7th at the Columbia School of Social Work:
An Agenda for Transformative Change – Morning & Afternoon Panels
Sunday March 8th at the Columbia School of Social Work:
Building the Grassroots – Organizing Workshops

Beyond The Bars: Transforming (In)Justice
is the fifth annual student-driven interdisciplinary conference on mass incarceration held at Columbia University. Given the greater consciousness in society of the state of mass incarceration, this conference brings people from different spaces and places to dig deeper in the work of ending mass incarceration, building justice and engaging attendees in action beyond the weekend

The conference launches Friday night with Michelle Alexander and a several other powerful guest speakers and performances. It continues into Saturday with the goal of developing an agenda for transformative change around mass incarceration.   Panelists come from a wide range of disciplines, experiences and locations from academics and professionals, to advocates and activists, to students, faculty and community members from across NYC and beyond. The conference concludes on Sunday with an afternoon of organizing workshops led by several grassroots groups working for change.

This year’s Beyond the Bars conference will focus on the idea of transformation.  The questions this conference will pose are: How do we work towards lasting transformative change? How do we develop a framework for changing the way our country seeks  justice that does not perpetuate the roots of the problems that have led us here? How do we create change that addresses the systemic marginalization while also addressing the need for individual accountability and the safety of our communities and our society? What is a transformative agenda for changing the way we seek justice?

Organized by the Criminal Justice Caucus at CSSW, the Center for Justice at Columbia University and the Beyond the Bars Fellows


  1. I have registered for this event and I am looking forward. I would also like to speak about my life experiences that have moved me to become a Peer Specialist.

  2. ClaudiaDum says:

    Really like!

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