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Fathering From Prison Follow Up


Dr. Michelle Smith from the Metropolitan Detention Complex, who spoke at the Fathering From Prison event in December, has provided some resources regarding parenting and prisons.

The Effects of Parental Incarceration Interview (click here)

Dr. Michelle Smith the founder and CEO of Good Morning Parents, does a special interview on The Lance Walton Program with Pierre LeVeaux a successful investment manager. Pierre shares his experience about having a father that was in prison for 25 years. (Interview starts at min 1:03)

Dr. Michelle Smith on the Lance Walton Show (click here)

Dr. Michelle Smith had an opportunity to share information about Good Morning Parents (GMP) mission on the Lance Walton’s Podcast Show. GMP is dedicated to providing exciting and appropriate parenting education programs to families who have experienced incarceration and to all of the world.

Children of Promise – an organization that provides services to children of incarcerated parents.

For additional support and information on a wide variety of criminal justice issues, check out our Resources page.

Below are some pictures from the Fathering From Prison event.

Dr. Michelle Smith & Shu'aib Abdur Raheem at Fathering From Prison

Shu'aib Abdur Raheem, CJC Co-chairs Ronin A. Davis & Gydmer Perez, & Dr. Michelle Smith.

Shu'aib Abdur Raheem, Dr. Kathy Boudin, and Dr. Michelle Smith


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