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Troy Davis Teach-In Video


Troy Davis Teach-In Recording | October 12, 2011

We had a great event in the fall remembering and honoring Troy Davis and ideally learning from his case.  It was a collaborative event between our caucus, the Latino/a and Black Caucuses, the Criminal Justice Initiative, the Office of the Dean and the Office of Student Services.  The Student Union Executive Board (SUEB) graciously offered to fund the recording of this event.   We hope that those we were unable to attend and those who could will be able to view the event, gain from it, and continue to the fight to bring change.

A big thank you to the School of Social Work’s A/V Department  for rushing to bring this recording about and working with us to get it posted.

Click on the link or the flier below to see the recording.

Troy Davis Teach-In Recording
October 12, 2011

Be sure to check out the post on the Teach-In for more information.

Visit these resources to learn more about Troy Davis and how this tragedy can be turned into a learning opportunity:

I am Troy Davis: The Fight for Abolition Continues

Teach Troy Davis

The Troy Davis Case: Lessons for Urban Youth

We Are All Troy Davis (Campaign to End Mass Incarceration)


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