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H.O.L.L.A.! at Columbia


This entry is a little late but we wanted to be sure to share a wonderful event we held on April 9, 2011.  The Criminal Justice Caucus had the chance to team up with H.O.L.L.A.! (How Our Lives Link Altogether) to bring young men of color (ages 11-14) from Brooklyn to visit Columbia.


H.O.L.L.A.! works with young men from “one of America’s most challenged neighborhoods” to improve their lives through supporting academic achievement, building self-confidence and empowering these young scholars to transition into healthy and independent adults.

Together with Black Caucus and Men’s Caucus we had a full and productive day with these young scholars and their mentors.  Each young man paired up with a CUSSW student as we toured the main campus of Columbia University, which included a race around the Dodge Physical Fitness Center running track.

Following lunch at the social work school the H.O.L.L.A.! mentors led everyone in an impactful crossing the line activity, which broadened our knowledge and understanding of each other.

Caucus members and H.O.L.L.A.! mentors

The main event was the scavenger hunt developed by Caucus leader Tanisha Douglas.  The scavenger hunt took us around Harlem into a police precinct, the Hue-Man bookstore, and the Harriet Tubman statue among other landmarks.  It also gave the young scholars a chance to explore the social work school and talk to other graduate students.

It was a fun and enlightening day and we hope for more like it as our relationship with H.O.L.L.A.! and their young scholars continues to grow.

Learn more about H.O.L.L.A.! at their Facebook page and blog


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