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MARK YOUR CALENDARS, The Criminal Justice Caucus will be co-sponsoring a Boyhood Forum with the CUSSW Men’s Caucus.  It will take place on Wednesday March 30 from 8:00pm till 9:30pm in rooms C03 and C06.

“Young men now, more than ever, must be acknowledged as a vulnerable population. Fewer than half of Latino males who enter high school this year will receive their diplomas [1], 93% of our prison population is male [2], and anyone who has worked with adolescent males knows the extreme culture of violence that is perpetuated against both males and females.” -Brian Rosenbaum, Men’s Caucus President

The Boyhood Forum will provide practical information on the experience of boys specifically in NYC. There will be two sessions for which participants may choose one of two workshops to join in each sessions:

An evening of skills-based workshops around working with young men

Session 1

A) The Role of Male Adolescents in Reproductive Health

B) The Rights of Boys in NYC

Session 2
A) Accountability with Males Who have Perpetrated
B) Boys in the Criminal Justice System

Facilitators will include a social worker and attorney at Legal Aid, coordinator at the Men’s Peer Health Education Program in Columbia’s Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Program, and a social worker at the Administration for Children and families.


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