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Surviving Prison: Voices of Children, Families and Providers



Wednesday, April 7, 2010
8:10pm – 10:10pm
CUSSW  Room c06

The Criminal Justice Caucus presents this panel, in the hopes of engaging CUSSW in a critical discussion of the effects of incarceration on families, communities, and systems that we all work in!
The panel of four consists of: three social workers, two adults who were formerly incarcerated, one young adult with an incarcerated mother, and one MSW who has used the last 7 years of her life to keep men and women from Federal Death Row.

Please join us for this groundbreaking event. Bring your experiences, questions, comments and help us motivate CUSSW to become more involved with advocacy for families in the criminal justice system.



  1. Tonya Reid says:

    Amazing event! Can you post the poem that was read at the beginning of the event? It was really powerful!

  2. Hi Tonya!
    Thanks for your support! I have asked Caitlin if she will post the poem! Check back soon for more!

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