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SSWAPS and CJC to co-host meeting in March


The CJC was asked to co-host a SSWAPS event in March. The topic is still somewhat vague, but hovering around incarceration and immigration issues – where and how people are treated in specific settings etc. We are hoping some of you readers might know something on the topic? Please share any links, articles or information with us and SSWAPS here on the blog.


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  1. I work for an immigration attorney who may be able to offer some suggestions but it would help to have more specifics. What’s the range of topics? If I have an idea of the focus I may be able to help.

    I know that CUPID (a year or two ago) worked with/created a group called Sojourners- a group of volunteers that visits individuals at the Elizabeth detention center in NJ. Not sure of the specifics.
    Lynn (lac2143)

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